Carved Egg Exhibit At The Utah Cultural Celebration Center

My First Egg Shell

Opening on March 22, 2010 and continuing through April 29, 2010 The Utah Cultural Celebration Center will be displaying more than 70 carved egg shells. This is the second year the Utah Cultural Celebration Center has pressented this idea to celebrate Easter. Two of the eggs on display are not mine but the designs of my step-daughters Kimberly and Justine.

I promised the girls that if they completed their works on time and if they looked good enough I would display their pieces with mine. When you are at the show see if you can find their pieces.

Carved gourd bowls serve as the baskets for some egg shells from a number of different birds.

Last year, this exhibit drew more than 10,000 visitors. We are hoping to exceed that number this year so if you haven’t already come out to see the show grab your family and friends and come check it out. Most of the exhibits at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center are free to attend so this would make a great date or family night out. Below is a link to the address and information about the exhibit.

Also, currently on display is a great air brush exhibit called “Air Space”. Air Space is in the main gallery and the carved egg shells are just outside the gallery.

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