What a cool show. very interactive. This would be a wonderful show to take your children to. There are many different activities that will inspire the use of imagination. Each of the stations within the show are hands on and fun as well. I ended up spending much more time at the show than I had intended, but the time was well spent.

I am happy to have attended on the night of the opening because I was able to meet and talk with one of the Curators of the exhibit, Mr Dave Stroud. He is very passionate about art and sharing it with the world. Part of the exhibit is a display of activities he sponsored for UEA weekend. Dave told me that the exhibit at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center was a small version of a longer lasting exhibit at Thanksgiving Point, Utah. I will definitely be attending the Thanksgiving Point show later in the month when I will be in that area for a gathering of artists.

I would HIGHLY recommend attending this show with your children. You and the children will have a fun time.

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