I was asked to participate in the 40th Annual Eggs-ibit International. I had a great time catching up with old friends and making a few more. Here are a couple of fun ladies who told some fun stories and made my first evening eventful.

My part of the show was to allow visitors a chance to try carving eggshells. Over the course of the weekend more than 50 people discovered what it takes to make art from an eggshell. I was thrilled to meet one young woman who had just moved to Texas a few weeks prior to this event.

She had never been exposed to egg art prior to visiting with us in June of 2014. Here is Julia Braganini showing her high level of concentration as she figures out her design.


And here we have a photo of Julia with her finished carved goose egg. She is a talent in the making. It was a joy to watch her create.

Many people worked very hard to create a memorable show, my thanks go out each and every one of those who remain in the shadows but are instrumental in a successful event.


  1. Steven Narbonne says

    Baity rocks! I especially like the emu egg but I am afraid of turtles. All the artists are great! Kudos!

  2. Rhonda W says

    Hope you are using the wonderful red coffee mug. Thanks for the card.
    Cheers from Aus.

  3. You are welcome. I don’t have a red coffee mug. I think you gave that to another guest at the convention. Have a great week

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