2012 Utah Cultural Celebration Center 4th Annual Easter Eggs-travaganza

As Easter fast approaches, my thoughts are drawn to my friends in Bulgaria. During the months surrounding Easter 2011, I was privileged to celebrate Easter amongst the wonderful people of Bulgaria. Many of their foods are now part of my regular menu. The families who took me in and made me feel welcome in their homes will not be forgotten. I am forever thankful for their hospitality and kindness.

As a way to pay tribute to the master artisans in Bulgaria and other Baltic countries who shared their skill and knowledge with me, part of the fourth annual 2012 Easter Exhibit at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center will contain traditional art from Bulgaria and surrounding Slavic countries. The pieces will include art which was gifted to me as well as items I acquired while touring museums in Bulgaria and surrounding countries.

The exhibit will open April 3 2012 and run until April 25 2012. You can find more information at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center Website.

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